My Tokyo Hotel

This is the email confirmation I received from my Tokyo hotel.  8 meters is about 26 feet...

4.5 tatami is about 8 square meters. This room isn't attached 

toilet. So, guest are supposede to share restroom with other guests.

(two room share)


Is it good for you!

If so, please send us CONFIRMATION MAIL of your reservation!

******************About GINZA YOSHIMIZU INN*****************************

GINZA YOSHIMIZU is located in the busy commercial center of Tokyo, but 

it allows one to escape the hectic pace of every life.


All the guest rooms are traditional Japanese style room.

The interior of the inn is constructed with carefully chosen natural 

materials, such as earth, paper, bamboo, charcoal, tatami and shoji 



There are no TV,no refrigerator,and no telephone in the all guest room.  

We hope you could spend a relaxing and pleasant time at YOSHIMIZU.

On the top floor(9th floor),We've 2types of the Japanese style private 

bathrooms(with shower).

All the guests could use that bathrooms by turns.

When you take a bath, please lock the key from inside.

You could use the bathrooms from 3p.m. to 9a.m.


We've the restaurant at the 2nd floor.

Please have a breakfast at restaurant from 8 to 9 in the morning.

We serve all organic Japanese breakfast.


YOSHIMIZU INN is all non-smoking room.

If you want to smoke, you could smoke only at 2nd floor's balcony.

You could use the INTERNET at 1st or 2nd floor if you bring YOSHIMIZU 

your laptop computer and wireless card to connect the INTERNET.

But you couldn't use the INTERNET in the guest room.


Here's the directions from Narita Airport to GINZA YOSHIMIZU.


The way to YOSHIMIZU from Narita Airport.

1. The fastest way

 Take the Narita Express(train's name)from the Airport to Tokyo station.

 It takes about 60minutes and costs about 2,800yen for Narita Express.

 From Tokyo station, pleasetake a taxi(10 minutes/it costs about 


 2. The easiest way

 Take the Airport Limousine Bus from Narita Airport.

 From the Airport,you could take the Limousine Bus to various Tokyo spot.

 The nearest Bus Stop from YOSHIMIZU is GINZA TOBU HOTEL.

 It takes about 90minutes from Narita to GINZA TOBU HOTEL.

 From GINZA TOBU HOTEL, you could walk about 10 minutes, or take a taxi.

 It costs about 3,000yen only cash for the Limousin Bus.

 Here's the map around GINZA AREA in English as follows;


 Ginza YOSHIMIZU and TOBU HOTEL is also on the map.


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