Nepal - October 1998

No Susie Snacks For Tigers!

hello everyone!  i'm back in kathmandu - didn't see any tigers (the

grass was 20 feet tall!) but i did see lots of rhinos, elephants,

monkeys, a jackal, a boar and hundreds of butterflies (i did not,

however, see the rat which ate my soap during the night!).  i slept in a

very cool, very large tent which was made of canvas with screened

windows - the openings all sealed with velcro.  the bathroom was

immediately behind the tent & was made of thatch - funkiest shower i've ever taken - really great with the sun streaming in (and yes it was


chitwan (the park in which i was staying) was really beautiful &

peaceful - it really felt like a vacation there!  now i'm back in

kathmandu & getting ready to head to the airport to fly to india.

have continued wandering around kathmandu - i did it early this morning when all of the nepalis were doing their grocery shopping and going to their shrines (there are shrines everywhere and it seems like everyone manages to get to 4 or 5 before 8 am) - they bring offerings of rice & flowers & they put red or yellow tikka powder on the images of whatever god the shrine happens to be for - it's very cool to watch.

time to head off to the always exciting tribuhavan international airport

* talk to you when i'm back in the states!

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