Nepal - March 2000

Greetings from Kathmandu 18 Months Later

Hello!  Back in kathmandu & not surprisingly, it's

pretty similar to how it was in 98 (i guess that's a

good thing...)  have spent more time this trip

venturing out beyond the city - have seen a number (3)

of small villages - in one, my guide heard one person

comment in nepali as we passed that i was very white -

truly an ego boost(i suppose that's what living in

chicago will do).  

i even got to scare a tiny child (not on purpose, i

swear) - she was quite cute & i was "namaste-ing" her

(namaste means hello) and she started to cry & hide

behind her mother - whoops.  what made it worse was

that a village man walked by & told her in nepali that

i was going to steal her away from her mother. 

excellent.  needless to say, she cried

harder...(connie, jeff, lisa & mike, contrary to what

you may think i don't make all small children who come

near me cry, i swear!)

have learned that pigeons are not the only critters to

beware of when you're walking down the street here. 

fortunately, the very large boy monkey on the top of

the door frame did not spray anyone when he unleashed

about a gallon of urine onto the sidewalk below, but

it was a close call for one indian woman.

saw everest as we flew in to kathmandu & apparently

will get an even better view when we're flying to

bhutan tomorrow.

got to stay at the quite posh yak & yeti (kathmandu's

only 5 star hotel, believe it or not) and have been

living on indian food & bananas.  nepalis are not

known for their cooking skills (nor are the tibetans

apparently, but i gave that a shot, too) and they

haven't had a gourmet renaissance in the last 18

months.  i have also learned that this is "a bad time

of year to eat meat" - EXCELLENT.  (lots of

pre-monsoon flies) needless to say, i'm going to be

going all veg from now on.

went to my friend tsedo's house today & had tea with

his dad (his mom has already gone to darjeeling to

take care of her grandchildren while jamling and his

wife head to bhutan for the wedding).  it was really

neat to get to see the inside of a private home here. 

my hunch that they are well off (tsedo has 2 cars and

a motorcycle) were confirmed & their home is just

beautiful (palatial by kathmandu standards) with

gorgeous carved front doors and two pretty vicious

looking dogs guarding it.  it was very interesting to

see the shrine room they have - i didn't realize it,

but all tibetans have one - it was extremely

elaborate, as nice as some of the ones i've seen in

big temples.

tonight, the wedding festivities begin, with a

reception at the hotel where we're all staying (i've

moved over from the yak & yeti, but did manage to

swing the club floor - wee ha!)

think i may have seen two dead people (separate

occasions)on the side of the road, but can't be


found a great place for thai food here if any of you

are ever in kathmandu.

okay, time to go back to the hotel & shower up for the

reception.  i'm alive, well (apparently no food

poisoning yet, but this is kathmandu, after all) and

beside myself w/excitement at the thought of going to

bhutan tomorrow.

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