Greetings from Laos

Greetings from laos

just wanted to quickly say hello (especially as 1)

this is the first internet cafe we've found & 2) i'm

feeling some guilt for having written no postcards so


we're safely in laos & it's been awesome - so far,

we've managed to avoid unexploded ordinance on the

plain of jars (we actually didn't see any but the

reassurances of our guidebook that the area is

reasonably free of it, somehow didn't make us feel

more secure) - jars were very cool, rural (waaay

rural) laos even cooler - we were absolutely in the

middle of nowhere - nothing quite like straining to

hear if your lao aviation plane (old, chinese, no

oxygen masks & duct tape on the exit door handle -

sorry, mom & dad - i'm fine, really) is finally

finally arriving at the airport and hearing nothing

but the mooing of the cows in the field adjacent to

the runway.

vientianne was a hole, but we didn't expect much &

just cruised thru in transit to plain of jars - stayed

in a way cool cabin up in the mountains while we were

on the plain - some electricity, but the mag light

definitely came in handy (okay, so this is turning

into longer than a quick hello).

are now in luang prabang staying at a beautiful old

colonial hotel - we only just arrived this afternoon &

were wandering about the streets looking for food when

we saw this internet cafe.

cambodia was also awesome (altho i prefer lao food -

much spicier)- we managed to be there during some

incredibly torrential rain (same system which flooded

vietnam) and got to see the streets totally flooded

(literally, up to people's waists, kids were swimming

in the streets) but it was tremendous fun & molly &

kit showed us a really good time (as well as some

frighteningly good shopping)- 

angkor wat and the surrounding temples & buildings

were just incredible.  managed to get a private tour

of the restoration of one of them by the site

architect & 2 architecture students (thanks to my dear

friend tsedo in kathmandu - long story) - it was

awesome - angkor was like nothing i've ever seen -

definitely up there w/the taj mahal, and i'd probably

rate it higher - ancient, ancient stuff, beautiful

carving, scenes from everyday life, plus, siem reap is

still a pretty small, backwater kind of cambodia town

(as if there's any other kind, but still...) - stayed

at a great hotel (no need for the mag light, either)

and managed to have a terrific home-cooked cambodian

meal, courtesy of the architecture students' cook (we

were also joined by a french architect & a british

archeologist for what turned out to be a very funny

evening - by the way, for my friends who mocked me

about carbon dating when i said that it's not possible

to test non-organic materials, like the jars on the

plain of jars, the archeologist confirmed it & allison

is my witness.

anyway, we've probably taken 600 pictures between us

at this point (altho half of allisons are of small

cambodian and lao children and mine are all of

chickens and people on bicycles going thru doorways)

but we promise to only subject you to a small

percentage of those when we return.

hope you're all well & we'll see you in a week or so -


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