Let me first say that I love going to India!!!  I cannot wait to go back to finally see Rajasthan and Jaipur.

My first trip was on my way home from Nepal in 1998.  I flew to and from Kathmandu from Delhi, and so decided to do a quick Taj Mahal trip on my way home.

Second trip was as part of my friends' Dhamey and Sonam's wedding in 2000.  We started in Bhutan and then drove overland to Darjeeling for the second part of the wedding.  My boyfriend Howard joined me for the Darjeeling portion.  Then he and I, along with two other guests, drove up to Sikkim in northern India to trek.

Third trip was solo to southern India in December/January 2002/03.  It was amazing and I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

Pictures, itineraries, maps, and the email address of my amazing Indian travel agent Shanti Kholi to follow.

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