BOOK WISH LIST - Kind of old, based on reviews I read

the secret lives of words - west 

children: yard sale- modarressi 

wide blue yonder - jean thompson 

london-the biography - ackroyd 

american son - roley 

sailing alone around the room - collins 

genome - ridley 

the dearly departed - lipman 

the southern woman - spencer 

the tale of genji - 2 vol - royall  tyler translator - waley lush prose- seidensticker more clear prefer 

beyond the last village - rabinowitz 

the future of life-wilson 

salt - kurlansky 

cod - kurlansky 

breaking clean - blunt 

the dress lodger-holman 

near a thousand tables -fernandez-armesto, 

john adams - mccullough 

hello to the cannibals - bausch 

the good remains - power 


the monk downstairs-farrington 

i should be extremely happy in your company - hall 

winter world - nf - heinrich 

the white rock - nf  incas - thomson 

the hills at home - clark 

everyday asian - hendricks 

french food at home - calder 

feeding a yen - trillin 

a short history of nearly everything - bryson 

villa incognito - tom robbins 

Language visible - sacks 

Apprentice to the flower poet z - weinstein 

The snow fox – schaeffer

She is me – schine

America’s women – Collins

Monstrous regiment – prachett (and other books about disc world)

The perfect prince – wroe

Zingerman’s guide to good eating – weinzweig

The king Arthur flour baker’s companion – 

Cooking for mr latte – hesser

Samuel pepys – tomalin

All over creation – ozeki

The book of salt – truong

The quality of life report – davin (daum?)

Feeding a yen – trillin

The apprentice – pepin

From the land of green ghosts – thue

The gate – bizot

Monster of god – quammen

The good women of china – xinran

Emma brown – boylan

A spectacle of corruption – liss

Chef on a shoestring – friedman

Six myths of our time – warner

Silk hope NC – nauboff (pb)

The wonderf of America – joselit (jewish culture – pb)

Merry men – chute (beans of Egypt maine)

The riders – winton (pb)

Passive intruder – upchurch

Rushing to paradies – ballard – pb

The conversations at curlow creek- malouf

Hunters & gatherers – prose

Come to me – bloom

The saskiad – hall

A journey to the end of the millennium – yehoshua

The art pack – frayling

Vox – baker

After silence – carroll

Genie – rymer – nf

Edge city – soracco

My own country – verghese

Women & ghosts – lurie

Aristocrats – tillyard

The river sorrow – holden

Taft – patchett

Journey to the ants – Wilson

The ants – Wilson

The missing person – tobin

The crooked man – lehmann – haupt

The wisest man in America – wetherell

A couple of cops – Cuomo

A place where the sea remembers – benitez

Louie louie – marsh

Blue moon – rice

Milroy the magician – theroux

Venus envy – brown

Second nature – hoffman

Ancestral truths – maitland

A chef’s tale – franey

A plague of dreamers – stern

At home w/the glynns – kraft

To the wedding – berger

Winter’s light – preston

The apprentice – libby

Natural affairs – bernhardt ( cool nf plant book)

Are you mine? – frucht

Was – ryman

Nude men – Filipacchi

Reflected glory – smith (Pamela harriman bio)

The djinn in the nightingale’s eye – a.s. byatt

The party – sally quinn

Wicked women – Weldon

Fearless girls, wise women and beloved sisters – ragan

A supposedly funny thing I’ll never do again – Wallace

Wild women in the white house - stephens

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